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CFD Trading on Indices & WTI :

Trade on CFD on indices with Geo Markets .

Choose from the most popular securities from Australia, Europe and America. Some of the benefits of using CFD on Indices are as follows:

  • Long or short trades are feasible
  • Longer trading hours
  • Wider portfolio diversification
CFD Trading on Indices | Geo Markets  Trading Instruments

What is CFD Trading on Indices?

While trading with indices using a popular trading broker, you can choose between the wide range of indices and commodities, with which significant trade profit can be made while avoiding risk factors. Trading with CFD’s on Indices lets investors to trade with international indices or commodities without acquiring any of them in physical form.

CFD on indices offers a wide range of international indices and make an impact in the international market. Some of the international CFD on indices are as follows:

  • GDAX (Dax 30)
  • AUS 200 (Australia 200)
  • ND 100 m ( US Tech 100 – mini)
  • UK 100 (UK 100)
  • SP 500m (US SPX 500 – mini)



Geo Markets offers powerful leverage up to 1:500, allowing investors to engage in high volumes of trade.


Geo Markets offers minimum spread value as low as 0.01, which allows investors rake substantial profit.

Trading Hours

Geo Markets provides the opportunity to engage in 24/5 market sessions even when domestic market is closed.

Lot Sizes

Geo Markets offers various lot sizes convenient depending upon the type of account you trade with.