Geo Markets PAMM Account | Bringing together Fund Managers & Investors

What is PAMM ?

Any trader who feels confident in trading can become a manager. It is simple and does not require any additional investments. History of the manger’s account will be displayed in the manager’s rating. Investors or new learner can review the manager account by various categories by the following aspects:

PAMM | Geo Markets Manager Accounts

PAMM Investors Invest with ease

Profit gained

We provides the opportunity to rake profits made by your clients


To enjoy higher levels of flexibility.


To efficiently handle the manager’s account and responsibility.

Experience in trading ( Days, Week, Month )

Choose between different time frame for your trading preference.

Prominent aspects to utilize PAMM account are as follows :

To analyze and then choose the manager to “COPY” the trades.

The manager profits from the fee, the investor set for their services.

Any investor can check the manager’s actions at any given time.

This service is beneficiary for both investors and their managers. The manager does not have to worry about the number of investors connected to the account, as he/she only have to trade using own funds. This investor doesn’t transfer the funds to the manager’s account, which ensures additional security.

Investors can specify the invested amount of funds independently, and monitor every trade being copied. Moreover, the investor can connect the account to several managers to diversify the portfolio and minimize risks.

Advantages of PAMM account :

Investor’s funds are not being transferred to the manager’s account and stay on the investor’s account all the time.

An investor can manage the risks by setting the amount of funds reserved for PAMM trading.

Any investor can disconnect from the manager’s account or cancel the deal at any time.

The manger can choose the desirable type of compensation: Fixed commission or a certain percentage from the investor’s profit.

The manger uses personal funds for trading.

All transactions are copied automatically.